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We have transparent pricing available in our booking application. To get an idea of starting prices for your hair type, please identify your hair code.

TYPE A   Fine and Thin

TYPE B   Medium to Thick

TYPE C   Extremely Thick


LENGTH 1   Shorter than the shoulder

LENGTH 2  Shorter than the underarm

LENGTH 3  Shorter than the bra strap

LENGTH 4  Longer than the bra strap


WE USE THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS and the latest techniques in order to keep your hair healthy and radiant. From All-over Color to Highlights to Balayage, we can help you achieve  a goal of more dimensional color and richness. Blend out your gray hair and add a little beautifully-crafted, blended mixture of perfectly chosen colors to compliment who you are without the heavier commitment of All-over Color. Maybe you are wanting some drama in your style  and we have the knowledge and experience to give you the look you want.

Book a color consultation to talk to us about your desired hair color goals. We use the hair code as a tool to estimate a color starting price point. It is an estimate because your desired color, your current color, the health of your hair, and past color services all play a roll in the process required and have an impact on the final quote. Also, during a consultation, you will learn about things you can do before your color service in order to best prepare your hair with the latest products that will ensure your service will be wonderful. It is not required to have a consultation, and you are free to book any color service on the menu on your own. However, it is a good idea to call us at 956-928-9808 and ask any questions you may have prior to booking. Please keep in mind that if the desired color is lighter than your current color, and you have hair color in your hair, pre- lightening will be required to achieve your target color. In some cases, hair can be lightened without bleach if the hair has never been colored to the desired level. Please reach out with any questions.


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