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What if I come to my appointment prepared for a wet curly cut but it is not suitable to my curl pattern? 
If you arrive with multiple different curl patterns or a pattern that is too tight to cut wet, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment and will still be responsible for paying for your scheduled service.

What if I arrive with tangled or matted hair?
Untangling services cost $75 per hour and, if there is enough time to facilitate that service and the haircut service, you will receive both services. If there is not enough additional time to untangle, you will be asked to reschedule and still be responsible for paying for your scheduled appointment. 

What if I have damaged curls?
If you have damaged curl patterns from heat, chemical or any other reason, you should book a dry curly cut service as the damaged portions can easily be seen and addressed when the hair is dry and such details disappear the second the hair is wet.

Do you have any treatments available for curl rehabilitation?
Yes, where a haircut is the very best way to rehabilitate your curls, you can add a B3 Deep conditioning treatment that can repair your hair and also protect it from future damage. The B3 Deep conditioning treatment is applied after we shampoo your hair, and applied like a hair color section by section, and then it set under heat for 30 minutes. For a quicker service, you can choose a 5-10 minute  hydrating mask or K18 reparative mask at the shampoo bowl while enjoying the relaxing massage shampoo chairs. You do not need to book a haircut service in order to book a treatment, but in the case of damaged curls, it is not advisable as the haircut is the absolute best way to step back toward curl health.

What if I book a wet curly cut and then I have too many different curl patterns or my curl is too tight for that type of cut?
If you arrive for a wet curl cut and you are not a good candidate for the wet curly cut, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment and will still be responsible for paying for your scheduled appointment. 

What if I am not sure whether to book a wet curly cut or a dry curly cut?
If you need more guidance on which curly service it right for you, book a free consultation and come in to talk about your hair with us before booking your haircut service. You can also call us at 956-928-9808 so we can answer any questions you may have about any booking service before you book just to be sure.

Can I wear product for a wet curly cut?

Can I wear product to a dry curly cut?

What is the difference between the standard wet and dry cut options and the Goddess wet and dry cut options?
The Goddess option indicates a longer appointment time needed to handle extra long or thick head of curly hair. Also, extra kinky textures require more time to set and stye, so if you have kinky hair, this is the option for you. 

What will happen if I arrive to a curly haircut service with my hair up in a bun, ponytail or other pulled back method?
If you arrive to have your curly hair cut and we can not tell what your curls are like because they have been pulled back, smashed, clipped, or straightened before your service, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment and still be responsible for paying for your scheduled appointment.

What if I don’t have a part? Or, my part moves from day to day?
If you don’t have a part, then wear your hair down and parted to the middle the day of your haircut service. 

Does color or bleaching damage curl patterns?
Color and bleaching can damage curl patterns and extra care must be taken to protect them. As a texture specialty salon, we use the most gentle products and follow the most careful protocols in order to leave your curls as bouncy as before.

Curly Cuts FAQ
Haircuts FAQ


60 Minutes


Just like an all over color, we apply this treatments section by section and then carefully wrap your hair in a processing cap and sit you under gentle heat for 30 minutes.

  • Instant intensive repair and conditioning benefits that lasts up to 12 washes.*

  • Repairs & strengthens the hair's inner structure

  • Resurfaces & seals the cuticle to prevent moisture loss

  • Protects against future damage

  • Ideal for very dry, extremely damaged and chemically treated hair

  • Lasts up to 12 washes

  • Cuts styling time


What is the difference between balayage and highlights?

BALAYAGE is a type of dimensional color that is diffused from the top to bottom so that you can not see lines of where your color starts and where your roots end. These colors utilize more of your base in most cases in order to create a low maintenance color.

HIGHLIGHTS start at the scalp and bring more brightness toward the top of the head, and therefor is brighter but needs more regular touch ups.


What is the difference between balayage and balayage ombre?

Balayage ombre leaves some of the depth color towards the ends where balayage ombre still has the diffusion on top but transitions to the only the balayage color of choice on the ends with no depth left at the ends.


What is the difference between all over color and toner?

Toner is put on wet at the shampoo bowl and is a great way to re-deposit tone without a hard line of demarcation as the color grows out as it is designed to last three months. All over color penetrates deeper into the hair and will last longer, so as the hair grows, you will see the line between your hair and the colored hair. All over color can be used to make the hair lighter, only if the hair has never been colored before where a toner can only tone the existing level of light or darkness or make the hair a darker tone. Toner can also be used to balance the tone on an existing hair color, make an old balayage more subtle, or cover an old balayage instead of waiting for it to grow out without affecting your natural color.


What if I need a root re-touch and want to pull the color through to the ends? Is that an all over color?

No, Book your root re-touch and then add a toner add-on to your service in the case of refreshing old color to the ends.


How much for a trim?
A trim is a haircut. There is no difference. It takes the same amount of care and time to take off an inch that it takes to take of 6 inches.

Do you offer just a cut?
No, We do not offer a cut without the shampoo and blowout service.

Is a curling iron or flat iron service an additional cost?
If the hair can be curled or ironed within your appointment time, then there is no additional cost. These requests are subject to available time and can defiantly be added if time permits. 

Do you stock a comprehensive hair care line?
We use Unite Hair Care and we carry the entire line for your hair needs.

Do you help us learn how to style and care for our hair at home?
Yes! We love to educate you on how to get salon quality styling at home. Be sure to let us know during your service if you have any questions.

Can I add a deep conditioning treatment to my haircut service?
Yes, you can add an additional service at the time of booking for any haircut services. Go to the treatments menu and do your add on at the time of booking.

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