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We want to schedule you and give you the most accurate price for your hair color treatment.  With the information you provide in the questionaire below, we can streamline the process of scheduling the styling time accurately, giving you a precise price and giving you the look your want. Before you start completing this form, be prepared to upload some specific photos! 

  • Your current hairstyle: We need 2 photos of you, showing your hair, outside in the shade. Take one from the front and one from the side.

  • An inspirational photo of what you want: Upload up to four photos of what you are looking for.



Which best describes your hair?

Hair Texture
A: Fine and Thin
B: Medium to Thick
C: Extremely Thick

Which best describes your hair length?

Hair Length
1: Shorter than the shoulder
2: Shorter than the underarm
3: Shorter than the bra strap
4 Longer than the bra strap

Please upload 2 photos of your current hair taken outside in the shade from two different angles. (We want to see your current color and current style.)


Please upload up to 4 Inspiration photos.

Please specifically describe what you love about the inspiration photos you have uploaded.

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