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We want to be a really special part of your wedding day. Please fill out this form and share it with your Bridal Party. With the information your provide, we can streamline the process of scheduling the styling time accurately, giving you a precise price and giving you the look your want. Before you start completing this form, be prepared to upload some specific photos! 

  • Hair and Makeup: We need a photo of you, showing your hair, outside in the shade.

  • Hair: Up to three inspiration looks

  • Hair: Your headpiece of veil if you are wearing one.

  • Makeup: Up to three inspiration looks.

Do you want us style your hair?
How long is your hair?
What type of hair do you have?
What is your hair texture?
Would you like to learn about options for your natural curl or wave?
BRIDE: Are you wearing a veil or a headpiece?
Are you wearing hair accessories?
Will you be wearing Hair Extensions? (We can install them before the wedding day, but not on the wedding day.)
Do you want a hairstyling mock-up session?
What style makeup do you want?
Do you want a makeup mock-up session?
Select File
Select File
Select File
Select File

Make sure you entered all the information

Your content has been submitted

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