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Trinithy Jackson is an entrepreneur and owner of Treatedbytrina, LLC. She is dedicated to protect your natural hair through protective styles for men, women, and children. She provides all kinds of braids, weaves, extensions, and wig installations on all hair types. Whether your hair is coarse, fine, straight, or curly, she has the techniques to help. She will give you exactly what you ask for, without brushing too hard, pulling too tight, or braiding too small or large. Also available on her website are haircare products too to maintain your protective style and a large selection of quality hair extensions. Please check her website under the book tab to browse her menu and book on-line. If you do not see a a style you would like, please email, or call her and she will be happy to assist you.





Trinithy is currently a cosmetology student and is,
as of yet, does not offer our full service menu.

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